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Produce an 80's Styled Electro Funk Nu Disco Intro

How often do you produce a track that has just straight up drums as an intro? Many times it is necessary as most tracks we produce are designed for the DJ so the easier it is to mix into a set the better. However there comes a time when you need to push the boundaries of your musical abilities and create something more creative.

Usually this is the case for album related tracks but sometimes it is nice to make an intro based track for a starting track in your DJ set. This is where my tutorial here comes into play by showing you how to build creative and funky licks using a variety of synth sounds and bass line pre-sets to create a bright and interesting intro section.

Taking inspiration from the early 1980's Boogie Electro Funk genres, I have created a very bright intro that you can take ideas from to add to your own music. Here you will see how I use techniques like modulation on the pads to give it more movement in the mix rather than being a flat sound. These sorts of ideas are what make sounds stand out more in the track so that it has a much more exciting build up.

Do you want to make funky music that is inspired by the 1980's Electro Funk genre? Then click the image below for more details on how you can get your music career off the ground and onto the dance floor with a purpose built tailor made music production mentoring course.

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