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The Super 7 Workstation For Synth Wave Italo Disco 80's Funk Nu Disco For All DAW.

The Super 7 by the AVI company in France, and they asked me to do a review of this awesome sound library that I gladly took on board.

The Super 7 comes with 265 Patches with a variety of genres from Electro Pop to Synth Wave and Modern Disco.

Building on the concept and structure of our Program 24 library, Super-7 takes things a step further, pushing deep into the realms of synthwave, new wave, electro, house, '80s synthpop and more. We multi-sampled a huge selection of patches custom-designed on the MKS-7, and recorded every sample 3 times, normally, with the chorus engaged, and with the noise switch active, giving you unprecedented access to the hardware sound.

While the MKS-7 included the PCM sounds from the 707 we again took things a step further, including vintage era drums from an epic selection of hardware such as the 606, 626, 707, 808, 909, and a host of modern sounds created in our very own Drum Designer to round it off.

The patches are all set to 6 channels where you have, Drums, Bass, Melody, Synth 1, Synth 2 & Synth 3

The patterns are all pre-programmed in but you can alter them in any way you want. So for example one one patch the bass line may be an arpeggio of a square bass, you can then alter this to a sine wave and turn off the arpeggio and make it your own pattern.

Another key element which is similar to the Roland 808 cloud package where you can strip the Midi data of the programmed drum patterns and pull them directly into your DAW. This is a massive time saver and a great help to people who struggle to program in their own beats. This can be a good starting point to show you how and where to place individual drum hits.

Giving you everything you need to create rich analog synth lines, bass, drums, arps and phrases, all the way up to entire songs, Super-7 is an inspiring, versatile and extremely fun instrument. Loaded with 6 discrete layers, you have independent control over 8-tracks of drums, bass, melody, and 3 general purpose synth parts. Use these in any way you like, from conventional instrumentation to creative layering and effects.

Apart from the drums, each of the instrument layers in Super-7 has its own amp envelope, multimode filter with envelope, effects including drive, phaser, and EQ, send effects including reverb and delay, and a complex arpeggiator/phraser, allowing the creation of unique and moving sequences. You can tweak and adjust these modules completely, explore a wide selection of presets for both the sound engine and arpeggiator, or create your own.

In addition to the multi-instrument, each of the individual parts is available standalone, allowing you to load up just what you need in your arrangement. Each of the standalone instruments is identical to its multi counterpart, with the same selection of parameters, effects, effect sends, arps, and preset.

Use them to focus on individual sound design, when you only need a single instrument, or to create additional instances of particular instruments.

For those looking for a deep instrument to get lost in sound design Super-7 has huge potential, but it’s also ready to provide immediate inspiration. Packed with ready-to-go sounds and musical ideas, Super-7 comes with a generous selection of 260+ factory patches, showing off the instrument's sonic potential, and creative visions from of our in-house sound design team.

Check out the video below for a demonstration of how to use the Super 7 within Ableton Live with this brief walk-through outlining the sounds and the capabilities of the workstation.

For the price of around 49 Euros, 343 UK pounds and $60 US Dollars this is a very valuable and great value for money piece of kit. Enjoy.


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