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The Viking Synth. Awesome FREE VST

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

The Viking VST is a real powerhouse of a machine. I did this review walk through a couple of years back and felt like it needed revisiting here in a post.

You rarely get a free plug in that covers all bases in terms of genres. This monster has it all and has so many solid features that never fail.

At first I assumed the majority of the pre sets were designed for the more EDM & harder side of dance music, but I soon began tweaking the sounds and putting them to the test in the Funk and Disco styles. This soon became apparent that this synth could rock any style and is worthy of any producers space on their VST hard drive.

The synth is completely free also which is just a massive bonus for those on a budget. You get so many pre sets its impossible to play with them all but if you are looking for those classic Funk lead lines then check them out here as this synth packs a mighty punch in all departments.

So without any further hesitation please watch the video below for my demonstration and the link is available below thanks.

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