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5 Cool Funky Disco Bassline loops for your music production.

When making music sometimes we need that extra push up the hill to either get going or to add that final spark to the track to make things happen the way you want them.

Bass lines are often a problem for many producers and can be difficult to play. I thought about this and decided to put together a small free samples pack of groovy loops for you guys to use in your own music production.

If you want to go further with bass loops and other Funk and Disco samples designed for these genres then check out the Waxadisc ultimate samples pack and get over 200 synth riffs, Rhodes chords, drum loops, percussion loops and lead lines to name but a few. Click the image below.

I have compiled a small selection of 5 loops that are designed to be instantly be dropped into a track and from there you can design a chord progression around that based upon the key of each loop.

The video I demonstrate them in below outlines the simplicity of each loop and how you can enhance them with your own music. The bass I used is actually from the free Kontakt instruments player from Native Instruments, so if you want the original source then the link for that is below.

Watch the video below to see how I do it and what chord progression they are all in.

The file can be downloaded below

Thank you and enjoy.

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