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Do You Have Too Many Musical Styles?

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Having a multitude of creative styles can be both a blessing and a challenge. On one hand, it showcases your versatility and ability to adapt to various artistic expressions. Each style likely reflects a different facet of your personality, interests, or influences. It's like having a colorful palette to paint your artistic journey.

However, managing multiple styles can also lead to some dilemmas. You might feel torn between them, unsure which direction to pursue or which style truly represents your artistic voice. It can also be challenging to market yourself or establish a cohesive brand when your work spans across different aesthetics.

One approach is to embrace your diverse range of styles as part of your artistic identity. Instead of seeing them as conflicting, consider how they complement each other or offer different perspectives. You could explore ways to integrate elements from various styles into hybrid creations, creating something uniquely yours. So for example you can easily produce Deep Disco House, or you can make Funky Techno believe it or not.

Having many creative styles is a testament to your artistic richness. Embrace the diversity, experiment freely, and trust that over time, your unique voice will shine through, no matter which style you choose to express it in.


One thing you should always try to do is blend your styles into one as much as possible. One way to do this is to create a live set up. Using an ipad or a laptop for your engine and try and add a nit of hardware to the set up too. I use a Roland JDXI and a Behringer TD 303 acid machine along with a Korg Volca sampler. All these machines offer different styles and I can blend Acid House with Disco loops from the Korg and then jam a piano on top using the JDXI.

This kind of musical freedom allows you to blend your styles together which in turn will show off your diverse styles all in one set and can make you stand out in a sea of noise. We now live in an age where everything is online and visible so its a good idea to try that also where people can see you operating different styles into one.

For more insight into the dilemmas of too many styles, Tune in to the new Waxadisc Podcast on the image below at Spotify or on YouTube. Thanks Rob.

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