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Musical Influences outside of your genre

Updated: Apr 25

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Do you have a wide range of musical tastes that you draw from even though you don't perform or play that type of music in your productions etc.? Yes me too. We all have those tracks from bands that are far removed from what we produce. This is normal and a good way to indicate that you are more open minded in your approach to music in general.

I recently made a video about this which is available below where I discuss artists that influenced me as a kid without realizing it until I was much older and actually making music myself. It is perfectly normal to be a tech house producer and be able to draw influence from say a heavy rock band or a hip hop track.

If you produce one style of music and only listen to that style of music also, you may become an extremely talented and all rounder in that genre but it will also make you a one trick pony which will limit your growth as a musician in general.

So how does say a rock band influence me as Deep House producer then?

The answer is simple. For me Led Zeppelin performed a track in their live shows from their album called No Quarter, which is a prog rock kind of tune and the album version is only around 7 minutes long, whilst the live version would last up to 30 minutes in some shows.

This track would go through every kind of texture and musical landscape. From soft to hard, from dark to light etc. You can apply those same techniques and theories to your Deep House music by making the track have variations throughout.

So you see no matter what style you listen to outside of your produced genre, you can always draw from the other styles of music you like no matter how far removed they might be. You will enhance your musical scope and make your ability to add things and styles into your music that you never thought possible. It is always good to listen to and explore as much music as possible and apply some of those to your music. Enjoy.

Here below is the podcast on Spotify and the Youtube video for you to listen to in more depth. Your support is always appreciated, so if you can either subscribe to one or both then you will be supporting me in producing more podcasts and more tutorials. Peace.

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