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Free Vintage Melotron Plug in For Ableton or any DAW

Having been a fan of vintage gear since forever, I recently decided to put together a Melotron for you to use in your productions. The sound is a warm and haunting synthesizer that was championed in the late 60's and in the early to mid 1970's by Led Zeppelin and Genesis to name but a few. t was also used by Kool and the Gang on their sublime Soul Funk classic Summer Madness.

I have set each note to the correct octave and it is ready to play. Just download the link below and also watch the video to hear the demo played out in chords.

To locate a real Melotron you would need to have lot of spare money. Not to mention that they are very rare instruments these days. Many bands discarded them in the late 1970's when lighter and more reliable Synthesizers came into play.

Led Zeppelin for example used a Melotron throughout their tours from 1973 to 1977, but by their last tour in 1980, the group had done away with its wobbly sound and replaced it with more generic and stable warm pads from a new poly synth, possibly a Roland, Yamaha or a Korg?

But here is that classic sound ready to be used in your productions whether that is Ambient or Rock, it certainly still has a place in music. Enjoy.

If you don't use Ableton but want the samples for this, then you can simply download the file and extract the individual wave files and add them to your own sampler in what ever DAW you use.

The link for the Melotron samples and Ableton player is available below among other free sample packs. So help yourselves to whatever you want. All you have to do is enter your email address and the samples packs are all yours.


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