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How to produce a retro TV cop show theme tune in Ableton.

Remember those TV cop shows from the late 70,s. You had Starsky & Hutch and Kojak in the USA and the Professionals and the Sweeney here in the UK.

I am sure other countries around the world had their own versions too. The ones where the cops had huge attitude problems and would fight their way through each episode taking on the worlds evil gangs and undercover agents with simplicity and slickness without getting as much as a scratch in the process.

Anyway enough rambling, the point here is do you recall the theme music that was used during the build up of a scene? The music which was almost Funk based would start off quite mysterious and ominous, which would generally lead up to a brass section and a Rhodes outro.

Well here I have decided to out together a short tutorial on how to create such a theme using Ableton and a few plug ins. The music is relatively quite easy to create whereas it is incidental music which means it would generally be in one chord as the music would only last around a minute or so and therefore the chord was built up from very little into a full outburst of music.

Before you watch the video and learn these techniques in this style, have you considered music mentoring in this genre or any other related Funk, Soul House or Disco styles that you may want to enhance your skills in? Here at Waxadisc I offer personally tailored mentoring programs in which you can learn at your own pace and the things you exactly want to learn. Go to the menu above in this blog and see the options available for you.

So without any more delay check out the video below and see how I put this together for you to learn and take some tips and techniques from. Enjoy.


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