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Massive BBC Sound Effects Library Available for FREE.

The original sound effects sample library is now online and available for free use (non commercial) But for commercial projects you may have to purchase them. But you can download them for free for your own personal use.

There are around 33000 samples to choose from, which is very kind of them to upload and allow producers to sample. They are all in Wave format too, so expect high quality samples and effects.

Many of these samples are field recordings, so therefore have been collected in and around many different environments and surroundings. They range from woodlands to rivers all the way to purpose made sounds in the studio.

The original collection was housed on vinyl, before being replaced by quarter-inch tape, and then CD, eventually moving onto a digital base. Sound doesn’t date in the same way that film does, so recordings made on tape in the 1970's can still be used in high quality productions today.

The collection was largely established between the 1960's and the early 2000's, at which point the demands of productions and the benefits of digital recording outweighed the necessity of developing the collection further.

The collection truly has a worldwide range of subjects, most of which can be divided broadly into specific species recordings and those of natural atmospheres, though there are also various recordings of natural phenomena, as well as some tribal chants and music.

So take full advantage of this remarkable collection that has been used over the decades on many TV shows such as Dr Who and other classic shows on the BBC. They can now be used in your soundscapes and music productions, or even for your stage play or film project.

Just click the image below for the link.


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