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Nu-Disco Remix Stems Challenge

This week on the Waxadisc You-Tube members only content channel, I have released the stems for a track I produced for my last album for you to remix. The idea is to give you the chance to remix something and put your take on it without pressure.

So if you can create a re-edit or a full remix of this Nu-Disco track, then by doing so you can enhance your production skills and build on your confidence as a producer.

The original track is call ed Back 2 Funk and was the opening track on my latest album called "Signals From The Cosmos" CLICK HERE to hear the original version and CLICK HERE to hear the full album.

The version you have the stems for here is the Dub Remix I produced for the single release which came out late 2020. The stems are only available for the members of my You-Tube channel so if you want to get involved then sign up today on the link below.


You get two tiers of membership on the channel. The first is one in depth tutorial video per week where you will build up a full track over time and one template or stems to work on every fortnight.

The second is where you will receive the template every fortnight but you will receive an extra course tutorial so you get two per week. The courses are always in the styles of Disco, Funk, Deep House etc. I also listen to what members want to learn so you can always suggest your ideas for things you want to learn, so the content is fully engaging and gives you many resources to develop your own skills as a producer.

You can watch this video below to see the track broken down in stems for your observation. Please click the text above should you be interested in joining the members only channel.

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