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Deep Jazzy Ableton FREE Template Plus More.

The Waxadisc You Tube members subscription is a very cost effective way to learn your music production skills and gain detailed insight into a variety of musical genres without having to spend alot of money.

Each fortnight you receive a template and audio stems of a track that is half completed and the idea is that I start the track and you finish it. The concept is fun and challenging at the same time. You gain confidence in approaching a track that you have to complete. Or at the very least put your own spin on it, which will in turn develop your arrangement skills.

The members only subscription also offers you two levels of tier membership. The first tier you will receive a full length course video each week which is usually a course within the sub genres of House & Disco music production.

The courses run for several weeks per time and you gain the know how on producing that particular genre. The materials are all provided and there are no extra costs for VST plug ins etc. The plug ins we do use are free to download.

So far the courses have been in the following genres






The templates have covered a wide range of genres all similar to the ones above but are released every two weeks. You can use the materials and loops etc in those tracks as you wish but must incorporate your own twist on them if you decide to release a track using my samples.

Here is another example of the templates you receive, which is in the form of a Nu-Disco track with a happy uplifting Summer vibe. All of the elements and samples all come within each template.

Finally if those above don't tempt you then try this Soulful Piano House based track for size.

This has alot of elements in which you can remix and rework to help you develop your arrangement skills.

So if you want to know more about the templates and the different membership courses I have to offer at Waxadisc, then please click the video below for all of the options. It really is a good offer and one in which you can learn m,any new techniques and arrangement skills for your own musical journey.


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