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One of The Best FREE Drum Machine Plug ins

Having been around for a few years now this drum machine VST plug in is one in which I strongly recommend for all DAW users. This has some outstanding and very characteristic hits built within.

The different kits are really versatile and flexible in the way that you can use the Hip Hop kits for added percussion on a Techno track for example. There are a whole host of kits including two 808 and 909 kits which that in itself is worth having for those who don't have access to a drum pack of hits from those classic machines.

Some of the sounds here have been collected and put into various kits which give an immediate raw feel and are ideal for Lofi Hip Hop or chunky House tracks. So the creators have saved you hours of trawling through countless packs to create the perfect kit for your style. They are all here.

Just a note to say if you like how I teach and the way that I deliver my videos, then please check out the brand new You Tube Waxadisc Disco House and Funk Production School. Click the image below for more information on how to join.

Here is my short video below to view the different variety of sound you can obtain from this wonderful FREE machine. The link for the direct VST file is also below.


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