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Novation V Station & B Station Now FREE VST

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Yes two of the coolest little software versions of the legendary hardware versions are now both completely free at Novations official site.

I have owned the V Station version for a few years now when it came free within a Launchkey Midi controller I bought and I always love the simplicity of this plug in. It has all of the main features, but what is good about it is that it has the staple sounds in there from straight forward Saw Bass pre sets to lush Pad strings. Those kind of sounds that you often require without all of the filler. Just the direct sound and more.

The pre sets are all easy to manipulate with some built in effects too and the filter cuts offs and the ADSR make this an easy to use piece of software.

The V Station comes with a pretty good arpeggio too so you can go that extra mile with your pre set and tweak it in a rhythmic pattern to enhance your tracks.

The B Station on the other hand is a Bass Mono synth which has both lead line sounds and bass sounds. This is the replica from their 90s hardware version and was a staple in many studios back in the day. The usual features exist here and is a direct copy of the original. A solid sounding synth for those instant bass sounds you require for your tougher tracks.

The demo I produce in the video below uses some of the beats that I created from scratch which are in my Ultimate Disco Producers Samples Pack, which is available to look at HERE

You can download the link direct here for both synths, but before you do, pleas ewatch the video below where I demonstrate a Boogie track in the making using just these two plug ins.


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